Rent a Transformer or Generator!

Are you a SME for which power outage hampers the business seriously?

Consider renting generators from us. We at Perennial Technologies Pvt. Ltd ensure that all you power concerns are resolved.

We are a leading power-equipments rental company in India& we provide transformer on rental. There are many large projects to our credit where we have taken the entire responsibility of power backup projects. To name a few are Bridgestone, HPCL, etc.

The various services we provide are Generator Rental-30KVA to 500KVA, Generator Rental-500 to 2000KVA, Generator Rental-Multi Megawatt Solutions, Gas based Generator Rental, Fuel Management Service, Transformer Rental, Distribution Panel Rental, Mobile Lighting Tower Rental, Dewatering System on Hire/Service, and Compressor on Hire.

The generator hire service ensures that you are getting the generators on rent for all your power back-up needs. The diesel generator sets are equipped with the best quality sound proof systems that assure minimal noise and zero disturbances. The highly proficient technical team ensures that the systems are up and running at all times.

Our transformer rental companies catering to various sectors that need uninterrupted power supply. We realize the challenges faced by companies that rely on uninterrupted supply of power for their operations. When the transformers breakdown, we provide the temporary power generation with step-up capabilities.

Hence whether you are a SME which is looking for generator on rent in Noida or an insurance company or a bank or a BPO you can look forward for our services.

We can assure you of top class services. Some of the projects undertaken by us are. The HPCL project and the Bridgestone power back-up project. In both these projects we have shown that we are technically competent and financially sound to deliver the desired result.

We request you to visit our site ( & see the various services provided by us and the details of each of them.



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