DG Set or Transformer on Rent

Power Rental is a leading power equipment company of the country. It provides many power equipment’s on hire. Having its head office in Pune the company has its presence in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Gujarat. Perennial has team of 200+ people is capable of providing the services all across the country.

The equipments we provide on rent are Generators on Rental 30 kVA to 500 kVA and 500kVA to 2000kVAs. Generator rental multi-megawatt solution, Gas based generator rental, fuel management service, transformer rental, distribution rental, mobile lighting tower rental.

For all the firms looking for a DG Set on Rent, we provide gen sets in 30kVA to 500 kVA range. These generators are equipped with the best quality sound proof system which assures the user of minimum noise. With genset, we also provide the acoustic enclosure for reducing noise. The primary use of the genset is in small factories, insurance, construction companies and retail stores. To assure continuity of service we provide highly qualified technicians so that work never stops.

We have high range capacity of generator which is in the range of 500kVA to 2000kVA. These generators are meant for power supply in large setups like factories, data centers, retails, Mfg., Power plants etc. We always use to investingmoney in training for our technicians so that our customers can get an un-interrupted power supply. So our generators are capable of providing continuous power supply to the firm as they come packed with a flexibility of grid paneling.

We also provide Transformers on the Rental basis and are one of the leading companies. Our services are meant for large-scale construction projects, manufacturing units which are 1-5 MW, 11/6.6 kV and are capable of handling complete power distribution.

We have skilled and adept technicians who can take care of deployment and high level of performance.

We request the readers to kindly visit our website www.powerrental.coin for complete information.


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