Compressor & Generator for Hire in Noida

When it comes to the compressor on hire we are the leaders. We have served many industries and our presence across the country allows you to provide a high-quality service.  The industries we have served are Seismic Exploration, Production Drilling, Well Services, Utility Air & Instrument Air, Pipeline Services, Refinery and petrochemical etc.

In these industries they make an important equipment for Air Separation, PET Bottle Blowing, Pneumatic drilling, ramming or piling machines, Fiber optic cable blowing for telecom applications, Concrete conveying or spraying, Bridge Cleaning, Geothermal Drilling, Piling.

The compressors we provide are available on rent and they give 100% oil-free output. Both electric and diesel variants are available. They come with environmental features which make them adaptable to the requirements of the environment they are working in.

Our high-pressure air units can create the pressures up to 350psi. We are one stop shop for most of the equipment. You can get rental after coolers, manifolds, hoses, air receivers and other air accessories are all available at a single place.

Our experienced team provides the assistance to meet any exigencies. If our equipment poses any air & pressure problems you’ll get an immediate response and expert guidance to overcome it.

If you need Compressor on Hire all you need is to get in touch with us and we’ll immediately provide the services.

We also provide generator on hire which comes in two ranges 30 KVA-500KVA & 500KVA-2000KVA. If you are an owner of a small scale industry the first variant is most suitable for you. All our generators come with acoustics enclosure and which ensures that noise is at its minimum level and causes no disturbance.

Whether you are a firm of small or large scale, which is looking for Generator on Hire in Noida, kindly get in touch with us

We cordially invite you to visit our website give us an opportunity to serve you.


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