Best Power Equipment Rental Company!

We are Perennial Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are a professionally managed power solutions company. We have offices across the country.

The DG Set on Rent are available in three ranges:

  • 30-500 KVA
  • 500-2000 KVA
  • Multi Mega Watt Solutions

30-500 KVA: For Small Scale Industries

These generators are embedded with the best quality sound-proof system. This range of generators is best suited for insurance, construction, retail stores and banking sector. The services we provide are:

  • Fuel Management System
  • Distribution Panel Board
  • Lighting System
  • Technicians for providing quick service.

500-2000 KVA: For Large Scales Set-ups

This range of generators on hire are designed to help maintain a steady power supply in large set-ups e.g. factories, data centers, other industries. These generators are sound proof as well. The services which you get from these generators are:

  • Synchronization with Grid / Changeover
  • STEP UP from 415 TO 6.6/11/22/33KV
  • Fuel Management System
  • Temporary Power Plant on Unit Basis
  • Exhaust System on Rent

Multi-Megawatt Solutions: These are for very large Set-ups

These solutions are meant for larger sectors such as mining & off-shore operations. Depending on the requirement one can step up or step down the supply for efficient fuel management. The services which you get are:

  • Scaling of Output
  • Dedicated Technicians
  • Heavy Fuel Oil
  • Continuous Duty
  • Grid Paneling
  • Step-Up
  • HT
  • Tri-Generation
  • Heat Recovery
  • Enhanced Fuel Management System

Transformer on Rental:

When it comes to the transformer for hire we are probably the best company. We serve those industry verticals which need a continuous power supply. In the case of a breakdown, we provide a transformer for hire for temporary power generation with step-up capabilities.

We offer special solutions for large-scale construction projects and other manufacturing units. These transformers offer the ultimate power solutions. Our skid mounts transformer up to 5 Eva, 11/6.6 kV is capable of handling complete power distribution. We have skilled professionals to render the required services.

The capacities of our transformers are:

  • 2.5 MVA Transformer
  • 1.5 MVA Transformer
  • 5 MVA Transformer

We cordially invite you to visit our website www. for complete details and give us an opportunity to serve you.


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