Hire Power Rental

Nowadays, with frequent power cuts and outages, work gets held up and businesses suffer. Life is affected. Look up Power Rental by Perennial Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We have all the power solutions that you need. Whether you are looking on hire or rent, Power Rental is every one’s one-stop-shop. Perennial Technologies has Generator on Rent in Noida. It is all time handy to have a generator on standby. If you are worried about the noise associated with Generator on Hire in Gurgaon, leave the worry aside. Our diesel generator sets are embedded with the best quality sound proof system that assures clients of minimal noise. The acoustic enclosure is standard scope of supply. This is ideal for general purpose use, for standby purposes, for insurance, construction, retail stores and banking sector. This ready-to-use Generator on Hire in Noida can solve all your major power issues. Perennial Technologies range of services also extends to providing fuel services and distribution panel. Our generators are available in different sizes and prices to suit your needs.

Generator on hire Noida

For businesses we have diesel engines. These generators are available as heavy duty units or stationery units and generate single phase power or three phase power. Our generators have excellent automatic power switch. The generators have excellent back-up power sources for industrial and commercial operations. It is perfect for large buildings, farms, nursing homes and refrigeration operations etc. We have a whole range of products and solutions to meet your ever growing needs. Perennial Technologies offer gen sets on long lease basis. Lease rental is long end solution where cost of owning the equipment is lowest possible. Moreover, we are one of the leading suppliers of power houses on rental. The range of the power houses are from 150 KVA to 10 MVA. There are a large range of power houses available with 24/7 support, very low lead time, and sturdy designs for all weather conditions. We also provide value added services like erection of distribution panel, cabling, lighting and piping solutions. Perennial Technologies provided timely maintenance solutions. We also provide services to offshore and mining industries with flexible multi megawatt generators. These generators are on hire to help manage emergency power needs. A 24/7 standby team ensures that the multi megawatt generators run seamlessly. Our clients include Volkswagen India PVT. LTD; General Motors India LTD; Pierburg India PVT. LTD; CIC Nasik division; and Bajaj Allianz etc. Perennial Technologies through power rentals strives to meet the needs and requirements of the current market economically and efficiently. This has always been our focus. We are now geared to be global partners with companies that share our vision and willingness to make a much needed difference. To keep up with the changing times, we constantly train and update our team with recent trends. Perennial Technologies has a customer centric approach to deliver value and delight to clients. Furthermore, we contribute towards environmental protection and sustainability with our innovative methods and technology. To engage with us, drop by our headquarters in Pune.


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