5 Points to Keep In Mind While Hiring/Purchasing A Generator!

Generators are in the vogue these days because losing power anytime and randomly is a headache. All electronic devices run on electricity and our lives almost come to a standstill when electric cuts are frequent and we are not able to have fun, socialize and make the most of the time we get. Moreover, during summers this is even more problematic because the scorching heat brings no solace either. SO here we discuss a few important things you need to keep in mind before you choose to get a generator for rent or purchase one.p1

1. Wattage

  • This is an extremely important aspect of generators. The housed device s that we use consume a particular amount of energy. So we need to make sure that the generator we use is having a cumulative wattage of more than what would be needed for minimum use. These values are written to the devices and calculating these first would be a wise option. A 4000-watt generator should be enough for a small house that needs to run 3-4 lights, TV, refrigerator, and microwave. Generators are available for varying wattages, based on how much is needed. So there is no point in buying a huge generator if your consumption isn’t much, as it will end up consuming a lot of fuel and will not be a good idea in the long run.

2. Fuel Efficiency

  • These generators can give 10 hours of continuous power supply on a full tank. A generator that gives maximum hours of power with minimum fuel consumption should be selected because the recurring cost of fuel is the biggest cost involved in running a generator. So these aspects should be looked at carefully before thinking of purchasing or renting one.

3. Weight

  • Such generators have trolley wheels at the bottom so it becomes easy to maneuver and carry them anywhere. However, some high wattage generators are very heavy and cannot be taken to another place by a single person. If the generator has to be used at a camping site or a construction site then the mass and maneuverability of the generator should be taken into account.

4. Simple vs Inverter

  • Sometimes generators are not made to run sensitive electronic equipment like desktop pcs or laptops. These usually produce fluctuating current that is fine for general equipment’s but not for devices that need a continuous and an extremely stable power supply. For safely running sensitive equipment like laptops, an inverter generator can be used.

5. Noise

  • Sometimes colonies and residential areas use strict laws related to the generator noise level because of the disturbance caused by these. Less noise generators are preferable at any cost

p3These points need to be kept in mind before you consider using or purchasing a generator! But, why purchase a full-fledged generator when you can actually hire it for a short period of time and use its services when needed and then simply leave it when not? This makes things simpler, easier on your pocket and giving you more flexibility with your choices and you don’t need to worry about regular maintenance or servicing either!p2So if you feel compelled to get a generator on rent in Gurgaon or Noida or Delhi NCR, do visit our website, Power Rental and get the widest range of options and that too at reliable prices! Be rest assured of the quality as well!



Powerful and High Quality Generators on Rent in Noida!

Electricity is an indispensable aspect of our livres and something that we cannot imagine living without. This is because everything important to us is powered by it, from lights to speakers to phones and computers etc. Thus power shortages are unbearable and that’s why we discuss how to get the best generators on rent in Noida.

Compressor on hireGetting such equipments on rent is an added benefit because we are getting to save money and still not losing the advantage of portability and affordability. You can get live power anywhere and everywhere you go, as generators offer that much mobility and practicality.Generators on rent save money for clients because if you need one only for a short period of time or for specific occasions then going ahead and buying one seems illogical and unnecessary.  Moreover you get the same results and in fact better ones as you get a lot of variety of generators to even choose from at affordable rates and with quality services and performance.

powerrental-1Based on your requirements the generators can be tailored and provided on rent to you, because different facilities demand different loads and services alike, and you need to select the one that is most suitable for you and still get the job done in the best possible way. Some of these products are mentioned here under, and these are suitable for different purposes as mentioned.

  • Generator Rental 30 to 500kVA: Ideal for general purpose use, or standby purposes, for insurance, construction, retail stores and banking sector, and other sectors alike.
  • Generator Rental 500 to 2000kVA: capable of supplying power to factories, data centers and other heavy industries.
  • Generator Rental Multi Megawatt Solutions: To manage emergency power needs in sectors such as offshore and mining these are ideal and can be selected to be Step Up or Step Down based on the requirements.
  • Gas Based Generator Rental: Ideal for the pharma, bio-tech and gas field sectors and provide cost and power saving.

sliderimg2Here we need to note that these generators are available for renting in Noida and are of exceptionally good quality and save a lot of money as well, because purchasing new generators from the market is a big task and quite costly as well and doing so for short period usage is not advisable as that money can be used for better purposes as well in your business.  All these generators are provided with sound proof systems so as to perform silently without causing a lot of disturbance and yet delivering the power that will be needed in terms of power outages, which has become quite a regular happening ni Noida and hence the need for generators is quite high, and rightly so.

powerrental-2We are leading rental power suppliers providing professional and very good services that not only include diesel generators but also quality gas based generators on rent in Noida. This variety also plays an important role as it is to be tailored to your specific needs. The diesel powered generators on rent are capable of handling any heavy and additional power needs in a cost-effective manner. The natural gas generators which use gases like LNG or PNG on the other hand reduce the total power cost, the amount of greenhouse gases generated and saves money as well, while at the same time ensuring high performance delivery. So come and visit our website to see all these products and get generators on rent in Noida, and be rest assured of the quality of services and the costs involved will be the best that you can find in the market currently!

Hire Power Rental

Nowadays, with frequent power cuts and outages, work gets held up and businesses suffer. Life is affected. Look up Power Rental by Perennial Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We have all the power solutions that you need. Whether you are looking on hire or rent, Power Rental is every one’s one-stop-shop. Perennial Technologies has Generator on Rent in Noida. It is all time handy to have a generator on standby. If you are worried about the noise associated with Generator on Hire in Gurgaon, leave the worry aside. Our diesel generator sets are embedded with the best quality sound proof system that assures clients of minimal noise. The acoustic enclosure is standard scope of supply. This is ideal for general purpose use, for standby purposes, for insurance, construction, retail stores and banking sector. This ready-to-use Generator on Hire in Noida can solve all your major power issues. Perennial Technologies range of services also extends to providing fuel services and distribution panel. Our generators are available in different sizes and prices to suit your needs.

Generator on hire Noida

For businesses we have diesel engines. These generators are available as heavy duty units or stationery units and generate single phase power or three phase power. Our generators have excellent automatic power switch. The generators have excellent back-up power sources for industrial and commercial operations. It is perfect for large buildings, farms, nursing homes and refrigeration operations etc. We have a whole range of products and solutions to meet your ever growing needs. Perennial Technologies offer gen sets on long lease basis. Lease rental is long end solution where cost of owning the equipment is lowest possible. Moreover, we are one of the leading suppliers of power houses on rental. The range of the power houses are from 150 KVA to 10 MVA. There are a large range of power houses available with 24/7 support, very low lead time, and sturdy designs for all weather conditions. We also provide value added services like erection of distribution panel, cabling, lighting and piping solutions. Perennial Technologies provided timely maintenance solutions. We also provide services to offshore and mining industries with flexible multi megawatt generators. These generators are on hire to help manage emergency power needs. A 24/7 standby team ensures that the multi megawatt generators run seamlessly. Our clients include Volkswagen India PVT. LTD; General Motors India LTD; Pierburg India PVT. LTD; CIC Nasik division; and Bajaj Allianz etc. Perennial Technologies through power rentals strives to meet the needs and requirements of the current market economically and efficiently. This has always been our focus. We are now geared to be global partners with companies that share our vision and willingness to make a much needed difference. To keep up with the changing times, we constantly train and update our team with recent trends. Perennial Technologies has a customer centric approach to deliver value and delight to clients. Furthermore, we contribute towards environmental protection and sustainability with our innovative methods and technology. To engage with us, drop by our headquarters in Pune.

Getting the rental service for transformer and generator

Transformer is the electrical device which is transfers the electrical energy between the more circuits with the help of electromagnetic induction. It is widely used most of the industries who need the power supply. Suppose the transformer damage or if you need the temporary power supply then transformer on rental is the best choice for you. The rental option is really helpful to the large construction projects and most of the company’s rental transformers are providing the ultimate power solution. So rental transformer is really helpful to the people who want temporary power supply.

  Generator is the amazing thing when the power goes off and the generator is used for the recreate the energy. But in case of any emergency situations Generator on rent in noida is really helpful to the people. A generator is having below features

  • Fuel management system.
  • Exhaust system on rent
  • Synchronization with the changeover or grid
  • DG set range

images power rental

Generators are electrical start and the frequency is up to 50 HZ and most of the companies are providing the generator for rental which is really helpful to people who want to use the generator for rent. Perennial is the rental power solution company and they are providing amazing service to the people with the affordable price. They are having skilled and experience people and they provide the high quality of products. If you want take the Generator on hire in gurgaon then you can visit their website because they are providing excellent service across gurgoan. They are providing twenty four hour service so they are really helpful to the emergency situation. They are also providing the multi megawatt solutions genitor and gas based generator rental so people can take the amazing service from the perennial because they are providing the product with the affordable price.

Diesel Generators to meet all your power requirements

Perennial Technologies, a leading name in rental power backup solutions which offer you a range of highly efficient Diesel Generators (DG) on rent for emergency or planned power requirement. At Perennial Technology, we offer various high-qualities DG that provides impeccable performance with affordability.

All our equipment and devices are technologically advanced which offers reliable and efficient power backup service and our team of highly trained expert technicians takes care of the machinery. They offer round the clock maintenance

Diesel Generators to meet all your power requirements

Perennial Technologies, a leading name in rental power backup solutions which offer you a range of highly efficient Diesel Generators (DG) on rent for emergency or planned power requirement. At Perennial Technology, we offer various high-qualities DG that provides impeccable performance with affordability.

All our equipment and devices are technologically advanced which offers reliable and efficient power backup service and our team of highly trained expert technicians takes care of the machinery. They offer round the clock maintenance.

Our fuel management units are equipped with ideal fleet fueling and fuel storage capabilities that make us able to provide the clients mobile dispensing units with 2 to 12 kl tank storage. You no more have to worry about your power backup needs, contact us and we will work out the planning and provide you the suitable machine with adequate fuel supply to meet your power requirements.

You can select from a range DGs, if you wish, you can also consult our experts to suggest you the most suitable fuel power backup machine as per your requirement.100_3003

Generators for Rent:

With the best quality sound proof systems, our Diesel Generator sets generate minimal noise. Our rental power backup supply services are widely used in the capital as well as in all the major cities. In NCR, generator on rent in Noida and Generator on rent in Gurgaon are easily available. Our Generators are a reliable source of power and are very useful in solving major power issues.


A range of generators of various capacities are available at Perennial Technologies for steady and uninterrupted power backup supply, including:

  • 30 KVA – 500 KVA
  • 500KVA TO 2000KVA
  • Multi-Megawatt Solutions.


All the generator sets efficient and designed to maintain a steady uninterrupted power supply as well as it also ensures that minimal noise is produced during the process. All the devices and equipment are highly advanced, efficient and come with a safety guarantee.

Our head office is in Pune and our services are available in all the major cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Raigad, Vizag as well Delhi and all the other NCR places including Noida and Haryana.


Now Power is Available 24*7 With Power Equipments from Perennial.

Perennial Technologies is a highly professional managed power solution company. It has its head office in Pune. Our team of 150 members, which is spread across multiple locations in the country, offers services all over the country.


There are many companies in Delhi, which require power on 24*7 bases. We at Perennial technologies ensure that they get continuous power supply by providing them generators on hire. So, if you are looking for generator on hire in Delhi we can provide you the one which fits your requirement the best.


The Products & Services we provide are:

  • Generator Rental – 30 to 500 kVA
  • Generator Rental – 500 to 2000 kVA
  • Generator Rental – Multi Megawatt Solutions
  • Gas Based Generator Rental
  • Fuel Management Service
  • Transformer Rental
  • Distribution Panel Rental
  • Mobile Lighting Tower Rental


Generators for  Rent:

The generators which we have are available in following capacities:

  • 30 KVA – 500 KVA
  • 500KVA TO 2000KVA
  • Multi-Megawatt Solutions.


The generators which we provide come with acoustics so you can be assured of minimal noise. The acoustic enclosure is the standard scope of supply. The smaller generators are primarily meant for general purpose use and use by insurance, construction, retail stores and banking sector.


Our qualified and dedicated technicians take care of servicing. The standardized product network across 30 KVA-500 KVA assures users of enhanced efficiency and uptime. We also provide fuel services and distribution panel.


  • DG set range (30 KVA TO 500 KVA)
  • Fuel Management System
  • Distribution Panel Board
  • Lighting System


DG set on Rent:

We also provide larger DG sets on rent which fulfill the requirement of data centers, servers and other industries. These generators come with acoustics installed and our trained technicians provide the required services anywhere & everywhere you wanted.


  • 500KVA TO 2000KVA
  • Synchronization with Grid / Changeover
  • STEP UP from 415 TO 6.6/11/22/33KV
  • Fuel Management System
  • Temporary Power Plant on Unit Basis
  • Exhaust System on Rent


We cordially invite you to visit our website www.powerrental.co.in for complete details and give us an opportunity to serve you.