Getting the rental service for transformer and generator

Transformer is the electrical device which is transfers the electrical energy between the more circuits with the help of electromagnetic induction. It is widely used most of the industries who need the power supply. Suppose the transformer damage or if you need the temporary power supply then transformer on rental is the best choice for you. The rental option is really helpful to the large construction projects and most of the company’s rental transformers are providing the ultimate power solution. So rental transformer is really helpful to the people who want temporary power supply.

  Generator is the amazing thing when the power goes off and the generator is used for the recreate the energy. But in case of any emergency situations Generator on rent in noida is really helpful to the people. A generator is having below features

  • Fuel management system.
  • Exhaust system on rent
  • Synchronization with the changeover or grid
  • DG set range

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Generators are electrical start and the frequency is up to 50 HZ and most of the companies are providing the generator for rental which is really helpful to people who want to use the generator for rent. Perennial is the rental power solution company and they are providing amazing service to the people with the affordable price. They are having skilled and experience people and they provide the high quality of products. If you want take the Generator on hire in gurgaon then you can visit their website because they are providing excellent service across gurgoan. They are providing twenty four hour service so they are really helpful to the emergency situation. They are also providing the multi megawatt solutions genitor and gas based generator rental so people can take the amazing service from the perennial because they are providing the product with the affordable price.


Diesel Generators to meet all your power requirements

Perennial Technologies, a leading name in rental power backup solutions which offer you a range of highly efficient Diesel Generators (DG) on rent for emergency or planned power requirement. At Perennial Technology, we offer various high-qualities DG that provides impeccable performance with affordability.

All our equipment and devices are technologically advanced which offers reliable and efficient power backup service and our team of highly trained expert technicians takes care of the machinery. They offer round the clock maintenance.

Our fuel management units are equipped with ideal fleet fueling and fuel storage capabilities that make us able to provide the clients mobile dispensing units with 2 to 12 kl tank storage. You no more have to worry about your power backup needs, contact us and we will work out the planning and provide you the suitable machine with adequate fuel supply to meet your power requirements.

You can select from a range DGs, if you wish, you can also consult our experts to suggest you the most suitable fuel power backup machine as per your requirement.100_3003

Generators for Rent:

With the best quality sound proof systems, our Diesel Generator sets generate minimal noise. Our rental power backup supply services are widely used in the capital as well as in all the major cities. In NCR, generator on rent in Noida and Generator on rent in Gurgaon are easily available. Our Generators are a reliable source of power and are very useful in solving major power issues.


A range of generators of various capacities are available at Perennial Technologies for steady and uninterrupted power backup supply, including:

  • 30 KVA – 500 KVA
  • 500KVA TO 2000KVA
  • Multi-Megawatt Solutions.


All the generator sets efficient and designed to maintain a steady uninterrupted power supply as well as it also ensures that minimal noise is produced during the process. All the devices and equipment are highly advanced, efficient and come with a safety guarantee.

Our head office is in Pune and our services are available in all the major cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Raigad, Vizag as well Delhi and all the other NCR places including Noida and Haryana.


Aggreko – Hire or Rent Generator

Generator for rent or generator on hire in Delhi is something you looking for? Then you are in the right track. Similarly, Dg on rent and compressor on hire are another popular searches that most people looking for.

Generators offer a flash of energy when you require it most. Most people utilize generators in their homes when the power supply goes. People residing on harsh climate can come across frequent power outages. Undoubtedly frequent power failure could be a frustrating thing. Hence, Generator for rent could be lifesaver. This is the common reason that encourages the people to search on generator for hire in Delhi. Generator for rent can offer backup to the power portable heaters etc. Another famous benefit is to supply power to outdoor actions like powering public address systems and lighting a tent. If you don’t like to invest in purchasing your own generator, then start to generator on hire in Delhi.

0946b4eDevices like light bulbs, radio, television set, computers, toasters, microwave ovens, air compressors, fans, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, dishwashers, freezers, furnaces etc will require wattage in various capacities. Based on the devices you desire to run during power outage, you will require hiring or rent generator.

Contractors at building sites and work sites require power in constant supply. DG set on rent is the perfect solution to power the tools at working site during power outage. A DG (Diesel generator) is a compilation of electric generator (or alternator) with diesel engine. DG sets on rent is utilized in places where there is no power grid connection and need of emergency power supply in case the grid fails.

At some point whether it is for business or personnel, you may want to consider about the air compressor on hire. Air compressor device increases the quantity of air in a place by compressing or pressing air by converting electrical power or gas into kinetic energy. Air compressors on hire are relatively famous, due to the jobs or actions that can be finished with them.

When searching for a compressor on hire, you should aware what your need is and how long you’ll require the compressor.

You should also look into the safety history of the companies when searching on Compressor on hire, Dg set on rent and Generator on hire in Delhi. It is suggested to visit the site power rental for detailed information.

Generator for Rent – An absolute Boon


In a country like ours, power cuts are as common as rain on a cloudy day, and power cuts spell only one thing – DISASTER. A lot of our commercial as well as domestic activities revolve around power and an unscheduled power cut can be unwarranted for. As they say, every problem has a solution, and the solution in this case is in the form of generators. Generators as we know, van be quite expensive to purchase, which is why a lot of companies are now offering generators for rent.

Benefits of hiring DG set on rent and generator for rent

Getting a compressor on hireand renting out generators is the most feasible option to have power back up when you face power crisis. There are companies and agencies that offer generator for rent at very affordable prices and provide you with a wide range of options to choose from.

A portable DG set on rentis a great boon to event organizers who sometimes have to organize events in stages where there might not be enough power back up. These sets also come in handy for outdoor campers and nature lovers who love to go on long treks.

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Factors to be considered before hiring generator on rent

As in case with any other large scale industrial appliance, a lot of factors have to be considered before you rent out a generator or compressor on hire.

  • The size – ensure that you know what capacity generator you wish to hire
  • Consumption of the generator – Always know how many watts your appliances consume and ensure that the generator you choose is able to sustain that load

Considering these factors you can choose the right size and load, either to opt for a portable DG set on rent or a fixed generator. These generators and compressor sets are sure to make life a whole lot easier and the dependence on power is reduced considerably.